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And, locations of all common interest property.

Beach​ Picnic Area
Common Interest Property Rules

  • No one other than subdivision homeowners may use the common interest property unless AUTHORIZED AND ACCOMPANIED by a valid owner.

  • No one under the age of 25 is allowed on the common property after sunset unless authorized by a homeowner adult.  An adult 25 or older must accompany any person 24 or under on the common property or have written permission by Algonquin Hills committee.

  • The authorizing property owner is responsible for cleanup and damages to the common property or equipment.

  • Any gathering of 4 or more people must have written permission from the Algonquin Hills committee.

  • Drinking by anyone less than 25 is not allowed without written permission, underage drinking is never allowed.

  • Fires are no longer allowed on the common property.

  • Indecent behavior will not be tolerated on the common property.

  • All materials of your usage must be removed after you are through or the property will be confiscated.

  • You must place trash and recyclables in appropriate containers to be removed, emptied by you.

  • Parking is only allowed on legal village streets, parking is not allowed on common property.

  • Private property adjacent to the common property must be respected.

  • Any changes to the common property must have a letter from the AHIA Board before seeking permits to begin work.

  • No resident or homeowner may infringe upon another’s right to use the common property in an appropriate lawful manner.

  • Resident camping on common property must have an Algonquin Hills permit.

In an emergency, designated AHIA Officers or Directors shall act on behalf of the homeowners.  Authorized emergency vehicles,

  • Men, women and equipment are permitted to use the common interest property during an emergency.

  • There shall be no dumping of waste, foliage or other materials on the common interest property by any homeowner or person

  • Be aware that all homeowners and any other persons use the common interest property at their own risk.  The homeowners or Algonquin Hills will not be responsible or liable for any injury or damage, which take place because of, or on the common interest property or that property owned by Algonquin Hills.









1. The boat launch is for the exclusive use of dues paying residents and homeowners in the Algonquin Hills Subdivision.

2. Loaning or duplicating keys is expressly forbidden and shall result in suspension of launch privileges and forfeiture of deposit.

3. Every effort should be made to make sure that launching and removal take place between sun rise and sunset and are in accordance with all local ordinances. This process should be accomplished as quietly as possible. Users who unnecessarily disturb adjacent property owners risk loss of privileges and deposit. 4. The barrier shall be locked after each launch and removal.

5. Vehicles and trailers shall not be parked on Lowe, Melvina, or Wildwood without the adjacent property owner's permission. There is limited parking in the vicinity. Please contact the Harbormaster for locations, terms, and conditions.

6. Users shall assume any and all liability for any and all damage resulting from accident or misuse of the launch area, beach, piers or adjacent private property. Users shall hold harmless the Algonquin Hills Improvement Association Officers, Directors and Membership for any and all property damage or personal injury, accidental or otherwise, resulting from the use of the boat launch area.

7. A $35.00 annual maintenance donation is requested in order to cover the costs of maintaining, protecting and preserving the boat launch.

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